About Us


Howl & Roar began with a shared vision for quality pet food.  We wanted to make a food that stood out from the crowd in both quality and appearance and the journey began to create a top quality food that would be sold in a glass jar to prove there was really nothing to hide…

We hand mix and batch the meats combined with high quality fresh or IQF frozen produce along with a proprietary blend of micro nutrients, vitamins and minerals all from real food sources. No foreign vitamin mineral premixes for these foods!  We also thought if we can remove the gums and simply create real homestyle stews then we would have a food that truly is different from 98% of the traditional canned pet foods out there.

We mix and batch all foods in our own facility with a Human grade certification.  We don’t say human grade, mostly because it is not made for humans and we specifically formulate for dog and cat diets but we know how important it is to you that you know you are feeding a quality food.  We do care about what the humans think but to be honest we really wanted to make a food your dog or cat would actually Howl & Roar for… Its That Good!